Winter Equipment Review

  SORG Wheelchairs

SORG VarioTilt in SpaceThis range of wheelchairs is relatively new to the WA market. The SORG wheelchairs are made and designed in Germany and significant thought has been put into how and where they will be used and by whom. There is a range of peadiatric and adult manual wheelchairs available, from lightweight folding, rigid and tilt in space through to mobility bases. Whilst not all are crash tested the list is growing, those that meet these standards are listed on the National Equipment Database (NED) .

These are regularly requested items at peadiatric wheelchair appointments and have a nice combination of features which makes them functional and appeal to families. The modern frame design is also appealing to families and users for its aesthetically pleasing options and colours.

SORG Jump AlphaThe Jump Alpha is a folding peadiatric manual wheelchair which we see most often from the SORG range at the ILC. The Jump has a double cross brace and box frame which makes it nice and sturdy when in use, similar to a rigid manual wheelchair. The frame is compatible with a range of seating systems and custom seating options though tension adjustable slung upholstery is standard. Built in growth capacity is also standard in the Jump Alpha range. They grow in seat depth and width with multiple axle height positioning options. Optional accessories for these wheelchairs include a front free wheel for off road/grass use.

Top left image – SORG Vario Tilt-in-Space Self Propel
Bottom right image – SORG Jump Alpha with single footplate.  

A complete list of SORG Manual Wheelchairs is available from the National Equipment Database at

Child car restraints

Britax SafeNSoundIt is a legal requirement in WA that child car restraints and booster seats must meet Australian Standards (AS/NZS1754:2013). For therapists working with young clients and their families this can create a bit of a headache as currently all of the specialized car seats on offer DO NOT meet this requirement. This is even though they meet international standards.

In 2013 a new standard was developed for children with a disability or medical condition which outlines the guidelines and procedures to assist in prescribing the safest restraint option. This standard allows for exceptions when it is shown that a standard restraint is not suitable for the client. Since 2013 there have been many new models of car restraints introduced to the market which meet Australian Standards which can accommodate children of larger heights and weights.

“A Guide to Selecting Child Car restraints for Children with a Disability or Medical Condition” has been developed by the ILC WA to outline the recommended procedure when reviewing equipment and positioning options for car travel. It outlines the role of the prescriber (OT/PT) and the order of preference of child car restraint modifications and alternatives. It also covers how to start the exemption approval process from the WA Department of Transport for alternative restraint recommendations.

Columbia Spirit Medical Car SeatThe ILC hire department has a range of standard and alternative child car restraints available for trial. Where an alternative car restraint is being tried the family must apply for an receive back from the WA Department of Transport an exemption letter. This is because it is illegal to use a car seat which doesn’t meet the AS/NZS1754:2013. You can view the ILC Hire Equipment list here.

Top left image –  Britax Safe N Sound with head rest extension
Bottom right image – Columbia Spirit Medical Car Seat with swing away lateral supports.