What is Respite?

The North Metro Respite and Carelink Centre can help you as a carer and the person you care for to take a break. This is called respite.  Respite is needed to relieve stress from you as the carer or simply to allow you to recharge your batteries, rest or do the things you like or need to do.  As every carer is different, our services are flexible in meeting your individual needs, whether you are going away or just need some extra help. This may be for a few hours, a day, a night or a few weeks.

Short term, emergency or planned respite through our services is available in a number of ways including:

  • In-home respite (support at home)
  • Residential respite (short term stays at homes)
  • Camps
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Training & Education for carer
  • Social Support
  • Personal care (showering, dressing and grooming)
  • Medication and wellbeing drop in service
  • Support with meal preparation and domestic assistance

We believe the respite support we offer will positively benefit you, your family, friends and help in sustaining your caring role for the long term.

We encourage you to call us on 1800 052 222 to discuss possible respite support or drop in to our centre on Wanneroo Road, Westminster, WA for a coffee and chat.