Walking Aids Perth

What are walking frames/aids?

Walking aids are products designed to assist people with walking and general mobility, especially those who may have difficulty moving by themselves. Walking aids in Perth can greatly improve the abilities of people who need assistance and can enable them to become more autonomous. Depending on your needs, walking aids come in a variety of forms including two, three and four-wheel walking frames. At Independent Living Centre WA, we can assist you in choosing a walking frame and can advise you on other equipment that may be beneficial for you.

Things to consider:

Choosing from a wide range of walking aids can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of each product’s benefits and its capabilities in terms of meeting your mobility needs. Thankfully, our experienced and dedicated Perth team at ILC have almost 40 years of experience helping people find the right equipment for their goals. Some factors to consider when choosing a walking frame include:

  • Your environment: for your safety, please ensure all indoor and outdoor obstacles are removed and that your walking frame will fit through doorways and other areas of your home. You should also be wary of uneven surfaces including steps and wet surfaces.
  • Operation: make sure you know how to operate your walking frame effectively before use i.e. remember to engage brakes when standing and sitting.
  • Overall weight: the weight of your walking frame can impact your overall mobility and ability to move more effectively. Aluminium frames are generally lighter than steel.
  • Load capacity: depending on your needs, it may be more beneficial to select from a range of walking frames in Perth which can carry a heavier load.

It is also essential to consider which kinds of brakes, handles, seats and backrests are installed as well as the size and transportation limitations associated with your new walking frame. ILC can direct you in ensuring these requirements are met.

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If you’re finding it difficult to move around your home or environment, come visit our team at ILC. At our Nedlands Display Centre, we have a wide range of walking frames available in Perth that are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Our experienced team have almost 40 years of experience helping people find the right equipment and technologies for their goals. For more information about walking frames, or any other equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us today.