Upcoming Trips to the Pilbara / Kimberley

This year we have started trip planning earlier to allow for greater coordination with communities and health services so that we may visit and meet with all who request services. The year is young and there have been requests from the Pilbara region already! This means that I will be visiting the Pilbara region in May/June. This will be followed by a trip to the Kimberley region in August/September. Following the success of the shorter and lighter equipment trips last year we are looking at doing similar this year. As such if there are specific equipment items (particularly large/heavy/bulky items) you are interested in please let me know as soon as possible so that we can decide on transport options.

What does a visit from the ILC look like?
Rachels display at the Mingenew ShowIf we have not seen you recently or you are hearing about us for the first time what can you expect? A meeting with plenty of equipment options to help make your life easier! I bring up equipment to assist you in the home, workplace and for recreational engagement. We can not bring all the equipment on trips that we have on display at Nedlands but we try our best. For community groups I can come to your meetings and present on a topic of your choice relating to assistive equipment, our services and tailor it to your interests. I bring a range of equipment for you to have a play with, previous topics have included safety equipment for the home, walking aids, meal time utensils, computer access and tablet apps. If you are interested in a specific type or piece of equipment then I will work with local suppliers in Perth and regionally to enable you to try them whenever possible. This type of appointment can occur at a location comfortable for you. For schools and health services topics are tailored to your needs and areas of interest for CPD and clients.
Attendance at events and meetings can be as formal or relaxed as you wish. One of the great things about doing country trips is seeing how different communities, services and groups support each other and work.

Pilbara Region
At this stage I am planning a two week trip of the region between the 23rd May and the 4th June. Dates are still flexible; if you have a community event or meeting which is planned around this time please contact me to discuss collaboration opportunities. So far I have heard from community groups in Karratha and Onslow and am looking forward to working with them and meeting their members. Potential additional towns on this trip are Port Hedland, Tom Price and Newman.So long Newman you put our truck into perspective

If you are interested in hosting us or have an event planned where you would like the ILC to attend, even if it is outside these dates I’d love to hear from you.

Kimberley Region
At this stage I am planning on visiting the region in late August, early September. Regional centres which I am planning on visiting are Broome, Derby, Kunnunurra, Wyndham. These are a guide for me to work with, if your community would like a visit or have an event planned where you would like the ILC to attend, even if it is outside these dates I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or comments about the Pilbara and Kimberley Region, please contact me, Lauren Farrell (Occupational Therapist) (08) 9381 0610 lauren.farrell@ilc.com.au

The proposed months / towns for visits in 2016 are:
May / June: Pilbara
August / September: Kimberley

Expressions of interest are being sought to determine local needs and assist in the planning of these trips.

With our 4-wheel-drive vehicle, trailer and caravan filled with equipment, we can offer a range of services:
Community Displays
Caravan / Trailer / Table displays with hundreds of products to make life easier. Professional advice from a therapist is available. Please note: no equipment is available for purchase from the displays

Talks to Community Groups
Such as senior’s groups, Lion’s Clubs, Bowling Clubs, Carer’s Groups, HACC groups

Training / Workshops for Health Professionals / Support Staff / Education Staff.
Formal presentations, informal updates or training on specific topics

Individual Appointments
A time may be pre-booked with the therapist to discuss an individual’s needs and to ensure suitable equipment is brought for them to view / trial

Do you have any events planned in 2016 that you would like the ILC to attend? Contact us to discuss!