Halls Creek Frail Aged Care’s Perspective

Halls logoWorking with ILC Multicultural Aged Care Service was a new and wonderful experience for my staff and myself. Our facility is in remote Western Australia and professional development for staff is always a hurdle. We often have to depend on trainers from outside which can be expensive. After I found out about ILC MACS from a colleague, the problem was solved to an extent. Our staff were trained in different aspects via video conferencing (VC).

ILC MACS is well organised in conducting training. They deliver the training according to the needs of their clients. The ILC MACS staff members were really co-operative and approachable. The training method was the first of its kind for the aged care facility. The staff really enjoyed being part of the VC and their learning needs were met.

This was a real saver for us in many ways. The staffing in remote areas is always a problem and sending staff for training to nearby towns for one day was not always possible which will leave less staff on the floor. Having a trainer attend from Perth becomes an expensive exercise. The training ILC MACS provided not only improved the knowledge of staff but the fact that it happened in the town helped us to get more staff into the training, we had enough staff on the floor and it was cost effective. I wish all the best to ILC MACS in their endeavours.

Abins Mathews
Halls Creek Frail Aged Care