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My Tech was a Disability Services Commission funded project administered by ILC. Please note this project is now complete.

My Tech is designed to connect people to emerging assistive technology.  Items covered under this project include, but are not limited to, environmental controls (appliances such as TVs, DVDs and music) and telecare and simple communication devices such as mobile and landline phones, personal alarms, GPS devices and computer access equipment. To find out more about emerging assistive technology check out our new videos here. 

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Who is Eligible?

Individuals referred to the project must meet the following criteria:
– Have a permanent or long term disability
– Be aged under 65 years
– Be legally entitled to permanently reside in Australia and permanently reside in Western Australia
– Not be part of a similar project or in a National Disability Insurance Scheme trial site.

How are People Referred?

Referrals can be made using the My Tech referral form and completed by the individual or someone else on their behalf. There will be a staged intake of participants who, once accepted, will be supported through the following stages by an Independent Living Centre therapist.

My Tech Referral Form (DOCX, 73 KB)

My Tech Client Experience

Moana lives at home with his family and uses a power wheelchair for mobility. Access to the house, controlling the lights as well as making and answering calls were tasks that Moana had difficulty doing by himself. As these activities happen daily it was important to find a way that Moana could enter and leave the house independently, control his home environment and make calls. After trialing different options and consulting with different government funding bodies it was agreed that the light switches would be lowered and replaced as well as an automatic front door installation. Additional funding was received through grants to purchase a switch adapted landline phone, wireless switch and a smartphone with mount attachments for his powered wheelchair. These changes made it possible for Moana to leave the house by himself and gave a feeling of security that if he needed assistance he could contact help.

My Tech Emerging Technology Open Day

On 14 June 2017 the ILC held the My Tech Emerging Technology Open Day, which was a great success and very well attended. For those unable  to attend or those who attended and would like to refresh what they learnt, we have collated the presentations and resources that were shared on the day. You can see the list on the My Tech Emerging Technology Open Day page.

Further Information

My Tech Information Flyer (PDF, 1 MB)

For further information please contact ILC Occupational Therapist Lauren Farrell on 9381 0600 or

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