Is it possible to be beyond superhuman?

Presentation inspires vision of potential to be ‘Beyond Superhuman’

_8297491finalThe Independent Living Centre WA together with Curtin University recently hosted Biomedical Engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen for our biggest event this year; Beyond Superhuman.

Dr Nguyen visited WA to speak about his purpose to drive human evolution through the design of technologies that are changing the world through supporting disadvantaged people.

Over 100 people attended the inspiring seminar, including health professionals, students, family members, carers and people with disability who were keen to hear about emerging technology and what this could mean for them in the future.

“There is so much more to offer my son who has Cerebral Palsy and in a wheelchair. To see where the technology is going and how it could help was amazing.”  Wayne Bowlden, Family member / Carer.

Dr Nguyen’s presentation took you into the future. Not only did he discuss using electrical brain activity to control wheelchairs, but he looked at applications for virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Dr Nguyen positively promoted moving with these technological advances. Younger people today who are already very technologically savvy will be projecting advances even further. There is no turning back now so we have to embrace technology.

“I learnt there are amazing possibilities for all areas of the health sector and in the community regarding the use of technologies.”  Melanie Riley, Curtin University Student.

Dr Jordan Nguyen’s message is we are now moving into a time where mankind will integrate human behavior with technology…and in doing so we will live a future that is beyond superhuman.

If you are interested to see some of Dr Nguyen’s exciting work, please view the links below.

Beyond Superhuman

ILC’s experienced occupational therapists and speech pathologists have specialised knowledge about the latest assistive equipment and technology to help people to do everyday things and achieve their goals.

At our Cockburn Centre, which is set up like an apartment, you can view a fully functional smart home automation display and a range of assistive technology in the environment in which it would be used.

Find out more about ILC Cockburn here or to explore suitable assistive technology options that could assist you to achieve your goals contact our advisory service on 1300 885 886 or

The ILC would like to acknowledge and thank the Disability Services Commission for providing funds for tickets for people living with a disability to attend this event.