Forum for Social Workers – Consumer Directed Care

Treasa Lonergan Sharmistha Choudhary Mary LonerganTreasa Lonergan, General Manager at White Oak Home Care Services, and Mary Lonergan, Co-founder and Business Owner, were the key speakers at ILC MACS Forum for Social Workers. The presentation aimed to examine the challenges of a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model, which recognizes the centrality of the individual receiving support by fostering service options that align with the individual’s preferences, personal goals and lifestyle choices.

The presentation  evaluated the progress of service providers in building strong partnerships in care delivery and management that supports this philosophy and also how the CDC framework is responsive to customs, beliefs and the consumer’s background.

Home and Community Care Providers are quickly grasping changes in the way their services must now be structured and marketed in a very competitive industry when the old way of block funding moves to the transparency of consumer funding.

It examined the challenges of an industry not familiar or comfortable with discussing administration and service costs and contingency planning. Finally, discussion took place around how a process of education and information sharing with all stakeholders will abate fear and reluctance to move forward with a transition that can only be one of positive change for the consumer.