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Short Term Hire of Equipment

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ILC Hire specialises in the short-term hire of equipment for older people and people with disability throughout Western Australia. ILC Hire provides an opportunity to trial equipment to determine its suitability prior to purchase, assists those whose rapidly changing needs makes equipment purchase impractical, and meets short-term needs such as post surgery.

Our hire period is generally on a short term basis but can be extended if the circumstance permits. Please chat to our friendly staff via the contact details below to discuss your hire needs.

Please chat to our friendly staff to discuss your hire needs today. Call (08) 9381 0606 or email us at

How & Where We Can Help

ILC Hire provides access to a wide range of equipment & daily living products including:

  • Communication – voice output, general communication
  • Technology – keyboards, mice, trackballs, software, switches
  • Pressure Management – cushions, alternating air mattresses
  • Hygiene – shower / commodes
  • Manual Handling – mobile and standing hoists
  • Standing and Walking Aids – standing frames, walkers
  • Transport – child car restraints, car transfer equipment
  • Wheelchairs – manual (rear wheel, transit, one-arm drive)
  • Many other types of equipment

Who We Can Help (Eligibility)

There are no restrictions on who can use our services, however we do recommend seeking the support of a relevant health care professional when hiring some types of equipment. This can include mobility aids, disability aids, equipment for the elderly and other daily living products in Perth or Western Australia.


Our hire fees for all equipment including both disability and mobility aids currently range between $15 – $250 for a four week period. Additional charges may apply for courier/postage fees as well as for the repair and replacement of damaged or lost goods.

Additional Information

If your requested equipment is not immediately available or is required for a future date, please make a booking. For more information about our hire equipment, including mobility aids in Perth, equipment for the elderly and disability aids, please consult our stock lists below. Information specific to the hire of child car restraints is available here. Please do not hesitate to contact ILC Hire for any additional information and pricing.

ILC Hire Booking Request Form (DOCX, 303 KB)

Child Car Restraints

Selecting a child car restraint (car seat) for a child with special needs can be challenging. We have identified these challenges and aim to make the process easier for parents and therapists. Click here for more information on selecting child car restraints.


Telephone: 08 9381 0606 or 1300 885 886
Fax: 08 9381 0666

Open: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm WST

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