Grant Funding For Individuals

The Independent Living Centre manages two grant programs for individuals with disabilities. These are the Disability Equipment Grant (DEG) and the Equipment For Living Grant (EFL). Both grants have different eligibility and types of equipment/assistive technology they fund.  Forms are regularly updated so please refer to the website for the latest versions.

Disability Equipment Grants Program (DEG)

Mature gentleman with ILC staff member being shown a remote for a lounge chairThe Disability Equipment Grant (DEG) Program aims to assist eligible Western Australians with permanent disabilities obtain specific items of equipment and/or subsidies unavailable through other funding. This program is income assessed.

Grants for Assistive Technology/Equipment

Items considered for funding include vehicle modifications, specialised assistive technology for people with sensory, communication or physical impairments, air conditioners and other essential independence equipment.

Subsidies for OT Driver Assessment and Training

The ILC manages a subsidy program for people with disabilities to help with the cost of Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment for people requiring assessment for vehicle modifications or fitness to drive, and driver training for people requiring lessons in a modified vehicle.

For more information and to download the application forms please visit the Disability Equipment Grants (DEG) page.

Equipment for Living Grants (EFL)

The Independent Living Centre of WA  has Equipment for Living (EFL)  grant funding from the Department of Communities (formerly DSC)  to continue the program until June 2020.

Young boy in car seat beside ILC staff member

Equipment for Living Grants (EFL) are available to assist eligible people to obtain vital equipment not currently available through the CAEP or other support programs. The grants will provide essential items that enable individuals with disabilities to have increased participation within their homes and communities. The maximum individual grant is $6,000. Please refer to the application form for eligibility criteria.

For further information and to download the EFL application form visit the Equipment for Living Grants (EFL) page.