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Independent Living Centre WA has joined with Independent Living Centres throughout Australia to develop a national equipment  database. You can search over 10,000 assistive technology and equipment products to help people remain independent and improve their quality of life. Search by key word, advanced search or by browsing through the products by topics. You will find information about the product including a description, specifications and suppliers Australia wide.

Sometimes it can be confusing to know what assistive technology or equipment would be most suitable for your situation. To help guide you through your decision making process, we have developed and sourced a range of information sheets. Follow this link to our Resources where you will find information on topics, including: ‘Selecting a Scooter and Scooter Safety’,  ‘Guide to Selecting an Adjustable Bed’ and ‘Selecting a Personal Alarm’.

Once you have a solid foundation regarding the equipment you are researching, you will be better prepared to search the thousands of pieces of equipment on our national database. We have also had 11 of the most commonly used help sheets translated into 11 languages other than English and these can be found by following this link.

If you need further clarification or input, you can also contact our friendly team members on 1300 885 886.

Below are two resources that we have developed to assist you with navigating and using the many features of this site:

1 – View the video below:

2 – Download the document below which includes instructions for using the advanced search features on NED including by category, loan products in your local centre, specifications and suppliers. These instructions also cover how to create a product shortlist, compare products and searching for suppliers.

NED Search and Shortlist Instructions (PDF, 3 MB)

*Please note that NED features, functions and product information are regularly being updated. For further assistance using NED (National Equipment Database) please call us on 1300 885 886.