Additional Equipment and Technology Services

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The ILC is well known for its free information and advisory service to help people choose and access assistive equipment, technology and home modifications that enable people to live more independent and fulfilling lives.

To complement this service and to provide more comprehensive support, the ILC is now offering additional allied health services in the home and community, including assessment, prescription, therapy, training and support for your assistive technology and equipment needs.

Specifically, the ILC can assist with the following:

  • Supporting individuals with planning and goal setting
  • Specialist assessment and prescription of products and services to meet an individuals needs and goals including:
    • Products to assist with daily household tasks;
    • Products to support independence and safety in the home;
    • Technology for communication;
    • Technology for learning;
    • Technology for accessing the computer;
    • Technology and assistive equipment for recreation;
    • Resource development and procurement;
    • Home modifications;
    • Advice and support for developing a ‘Smart Home’;
    • Technology for controlling your environment; and
    • Personal mobility equipment.
  • Therapy and training to support consumers to use newly purchased products and services
  • Access to specialist therapy support to plan and learn to use existing technology
  • Individual and group therapy services
  • Consultative services to schools and other organisations
  • Support to access funding for products or services
  • Medico-legal assessment and consulting services

We can provide services at the ILC, in your home, at your aged care facility, in the community and at school.

ILC in Busselton

ILC has established a base in Busselton to better service people living in the Lower South West region of Western Australia. More information about this service can be found here.

Funding Options

ILC is a registered provider for the NDIs, Click here for informationThere is a range of funding options available to access ILC’s services, including through NDIA, My Way, PITS schemes and Better Start for Children with Disability and Helping Children with Autism programs. You can also choose to pay for these services privately. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you and to discuss funding options.

Meet the team

Our team members include experienced occupational therapists and speech pathologists who have specialised knowledge about assistive equipment, technology and home modifications to help people to do everyday things and achieve their goals. Read more about them here.

Contact Us

Telephone: (08) 9381 0600
Toll Free: 1300 885 886

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Daniel’s story – How the right communication system for Daniel has changed his life

Daniel and his mum Joanne share with us how the right communication system for Daniel has changed his life. The video demonstrates how having the right assistive technology and communication aids, along with a good support team, can make a big difference to a person’s life.