A new name for ILC?

The big question is what will the Independent Living Centre WA be called in 2019?

The ILC has embarked on a rebranding project sparked by a reflection on our 40-year history and a projection into our future, which will encompass many positive changes to the way we deliver our services.

These changes aim to ensure that our services are high quality, relevant and are best meeting the needs of the people we are here to support.

We have also come to realise that our current name ‘Independent Living Centre WA’ has two obvious inaccuracies within it.

One being that we are no longer just a ‘Centre’ – we are multiple centres but more importantly we are becoming more mobile enabling us to provide services to people in their homes and communities and to widen our accessibility and reach across the entire metropolitan area.

The second is that we no longer offer support to just ‘WA’ – we have a number of national initiatives including NED, the Australian National Equipment Database, the Equip Myself App and AT Chat, with other digital projects in development.

We acknowledge and are proud of our great 40-year history as Independent Living Centre WA and the solid reputation we are privileged to have amongst those who know us and have used our services. We want to hold on to this.

However, we want to combine it with our future direction and purpose, which is to enable people to realise their potential. We believe that with some support, we can all lead an enriched life. We want our name to reflect this.

Stay tuned and follow us on our journey as we consider a new name, together with people who use our services, that is truly reflective of our purpose and the values that we hold.