National Equipment Database Tip #1 – Creating Shortlists

The National Equipment Database (NED) is a website resource developed by the Independent Living Centres Australia. NED is designed to provide you with impartial, unbiased information about Assistive Technology and equipment options across Australia. This is the first in a series of tips to make searching and sharing information from NED even easier.

Tip number 1 is on making shortlists. Your shortlist is where you can narrow down the products that fit your needs best. You can compare products by selecting them and then pressing the compare button for that category.

Talking Brix

You can add products to your shortlist in two ways. If you are browsing through topics click on the Add to Shortlist button below the product name.

NED Shortlist

Alternatively if you are looking at product in more detail click on the Add to Shortlist button on the right of the screen.


NED Shortlist 2

You can add as many products to your shortlist as you want. To view all the products in your shortlist click on the Shortlists tab and on Products Shortlists.


shortlist 5

You can print or email products in your shortlist from this page. You can also make a Shortlist Link, which you can bookmark or share with others. Simply type in a name for your shortlist and click create link.

NED shortlist 4

Your shortlist also allows you to compare products by specifications. Some products come in a number of models that may differ by size, weight or other specifications. To compare simply tick the product models you would like to compare and click Compare Selected at the bottom of the shortlist. This will produce a comparison chart for a quick comparison of the models.

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