Intensive AAC Support in Schools Project Complete

NGCS AAC in schoolsThroughout 2015 into 2016, the ILC have been running a project providing intensive support to students using AAC within Education Support Centre Classrooms, funded through a grant from the Non-Government Centre Support for Non-School Organisations (NGCS).

The project was designed to trial an alternate model of service delivery to meet the needs of school staff to best use AAC within their classes to support access to the curriculum and communication outcomes. Throughout the project 16 AAC users across 8 Education Support Centres received an intensive school term of support. Feedback from school staff highlighted some key themes from the support they found valuable:

  • Short, more intensive blocks of support to develop staff confidence and consistency with new skills,
  • Support being within the classroom working alongside staff to embed AAC use throughout everyday school activities.

A range of handouts about implementing AAC in the classroom have been developed as part of the project. From Modelling AAC in the Classroom, Expanding Communication to Getting Peers involved, You can now see and download the full range of handouts from our website, under ‘Communication in the Classroom Resources’.

AAC in school 3AAC in school 2

There’s so much to talk about at school – Have fun communicating and connecting in class today!


For more information about the outcomes or resources related to this project please contact Tanith Brien on or 9381 0600.