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The Independent Living Centre can provide assistance in finding the right emergency call systems for you.

What are the different types of emergency call systems available?

A range of emergency call systems available with varying features and functions, you can choose the right system to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Monitored Service

A monitored service provides you with an immediate connection to a 24/7 monitored service centre where your personal details are available on file.

If your emergency alarm is triggered, the service activates a pre-arranged response, usually calling a list of support people or contacting emergency services. This emergency call system is best suited for people who may not have friends or family support close by that are able to respond quickly in case of an emergency.

Non-monitored Service

A non-monitored emergency call system relies on having a support network of family and friends that you can call on for assistance in case of an emergency. It is best suited for those who prefer to have friends and family members alerted rather than a monitoring centre. When the alarm is triggered, the unit responds by dialing a series of pre-programmed phone numbers. If the first number dialed is unanswered, the unit will continue to dial the next number down the list until the call is answered.

The support person who answers the phone is required to press a designated button on their phone to acknowledge that the caller (alarm system) requires help. Once this has been done, a recorded message will inform the support person of the emergency.

Mobile Emergency Alarm Call System

With a wide range of mobile emergency alarm call systems available, you can select one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Choose from wrist watches featuring mobile phone based GPS tracking and emergency calls, simple mobile phones with an SOS function or a dual purpose personal tracking device with limited mobile phone functions (incoming or outgoing calls only).

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