Other Resources

Buying Second Hand Equipment (PDF, 432 KB) Tips for Travelling with a Disability (PDF, 352 KB) Pallative Caring at Home WA Edition (PDF, 690 KB)

Dementia and Memory Loss

Car Parks Made Easy: A guide to providing accessible car parking facilities. This brochure gives an overview of how to make your car park accessible and safe for customers who have a disability. Car Parks Made Easy (PDF, 4 MB)

GuestAbility – making accommodation accessible for touristsGuestAbility (PDF, 2 MB)

A Guide to More Accessible Sexuality-Related Assistive Technology The MA+ Guide (PDF, 2 MB)

These resources are designed to be a starting point when sourcing information on assistive technology. If you would like further information, please contact our friendly health professionals on 1300 885 886 or email help@ilc.com.au