Other Resources

Buying Second Hand Equipment (PDF, 432 KB) Tips for Travelling with a Disability (PDF, 352 KB) Pallative Caring at Home WA Edition (PDF, 690 KB)

Dementia and Memory Loss

Guiding Occupational Therapy Practice for People Living with Dementia in the Community

Car Parks Made Easy: A guide to providing accessible car parking facilities. This brochure gives an overview of how to make your car park accessible and safe for customers who have a disability. Car Parks Made Easy (PDF, 4 MB)

GuestAbility – making accommodation accessible for touristsGuestAbility (PDF, 2 MB)

A Guide to More Accessible Sexuality-Related Assistive Technology The MA+ Guide (PDF, 2 MB)

NDIS Toolkit – Brightwater has developed the NDIS toolkit to help guide individuals with disability and their support network to effectively plan for the NDIS. The toolkit is for individuals and their families; carers and guardians; as well as health and other human services professionals, and disability service providers. Funded by the Department of Communities Disability Services, the toolkit will help you register for the NDIS and prepare for your planning meeting by taking out all the guesswork.

These resources are designed to be a starting point when sourcing information on assistive technology. If you would like further information, please contact our friendly health professionals on 1300 885 886 or email help@ilc.com.au