Bathing, Showering & Toileting

Our professional staff can advise you on the most suitable bathroom aid solution to suit your needs and lifestyle. From rails and transfer benches through to bath hoists and over toilet frames to help improve your independence and quality of life.

Transfer Benches

For added safety and ease while bathing, consider a high quality, transfer bench. With various slide or swivel seating designs and side arm options, these height adjustable benches with rubber tipped legs offer additional grip to prevent slipping in the bathtub or shower. The sliding or swivel seat allows users to easily maneuver themselves during bathing time.


With a fixed or clamp-on option, safety rails are ideal for assisting users with transferring in and out of the bath and shower. Clamp-on rails on the side of the bath helps users get out of the bath from a seated position whilst fixed rails can provide sturdy support while users maneuver in and out of the bathtub or shower from a standing position. Increase your mobility and independence with these bathroom aids.

Shower Chairs and Stools

Make shower time effortless with [CF1] seating. Prevent fatigue and lower the risk of falls with comfortable and durable shower chairs or stools. Featuring a backrest with arm rests and height adjustable legs that provide added support while transferring, these bathroom aids are an ideal addition to any bathroom.

Permanent Shower Benches

For those who struggle to maintain balance or suffer from fatigue, a permanent shower bench is an alternative solution to our shower chairs and stools. These permanent, space saving fixtures can be attached to the wall and fold up when not in use.

Bath Hoist

A wide range of quality bath hoists are ideal for those with limited mobility who would like to increase their independence and quality of life. These waterproof, remote controlled hoists offer assistance by raising and lowering users in and out of a bath. With features including upright and reclining seating positions, you can choose a bath hoist to suit your needs.

Slip Resistant Mats, Liquid Applications and Adhesive Strips

For added safety in wet areas, choose from a range of anti-slip bathroom aids available in Perth. Lightweight and easy to move, slip resistant mats are a great portable option that can be taken anywhere, whereas liquid applications and adhesive strips offer a more permanent solution to reduce slips and trips.

Over Toilet Frames and Raised Toilet Seats

Sturdy toilet frames and raised toilet seats are designed to provide support and assistance to those who have trouble with using a standard toilet.

Consisting of a frame with armrests that goes around the toilet, over the toilet frames are designed to be used as an aid for those who may find getting on and off the toilet difficult, by raising the height of your toilet seat.

Similarly, raised toilet seats are designed for the purpose of increasing the height of your toilet. Comfortable and secure, raised toilet seats are available in a range of heights with optional armrests and lids.
For more information and advice on a wide range of bathroom aids available, talk to the Independent Living Centre’s experienced health professionals today. Click here or call us on 1300 885 886.