ILC Branding Review – Request for Proposal

The Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) requires the services of a suitably qualified branding/marketing agency to undertake a review of the ILC’s branding.

As a not for profit organisation, the ILC has a limited budget and scope to undertake a branding review and is seeking a cost effective way to review its brand and refresh the brand – if required.

Agencies are invited to submit a proposal that addresses the below points, together with an estimate of costs.

  • Define how you would evaluate the current effectiveness and awareness of the ILC brand with key stakeholders within a limited timeframe and budget.
  • Define what would be included in your review of the ILC’s brand and your recommendations for next steps (i.e. what would a report include).
  • Define the stages and cost effective measures that could be undertaken for a brand refresh – if it is recommended in the review (e.g. staged brand roll out vs full brand roll out etc.).
  • Please provide case studies of brand reviews, brand developments and brand updates.

The closing date for proposals is Tuesday 31 July 2018 (5pm).

For further background information please contact ILC Senior Marketing and Communications Officer Jacqui Caldwell on or (08) 9381 0600.