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Sometimes it can be confusing to know what assistive technology or equipment would be most suitable for your situation. To help guide you through your decision making process, we have developed some ‘Help Sheets’. We have also had 11 of the most commonly used sheets translated into 11 languages other than English and these can be found by following this link.

This collection of over 30 help sheets, covering a diverse range of topics, has been broken down into the following sections; Mobility and Transport, Personal Care, Household, Building and Design, Technology and Communication, Smart Home Automation, Second Hand Equipment, Recreation and Vocational and ILC Services.

Once you have a solid foundation regarding the equipment you are researching, you will be better prepared to purchase the product that would best meet your needs. If you need further clarification or input or would like information on a topic not listed here you can also contact our friendly Occupational Therapists on 1300 885 886 or email

Remember you can also search for over 10,000 thousand pieces of assistive technology and equipment on NED our National Equipment Database. Suppliers details are provided for each state.

Mobility and Transport

Selecting a Scooter and Scooter Safety (PDF, 697 KB) Guide to Selecting a Stroller or Buggy (PDF, 345 KB) Guide to Selecting a Walking Frame (PDF, 383 KB) Guide to Selecting Child Car Restraints for Children with a Disability or Medical Condition (PDF, 441 KB) Selecting a Manual Wheelchair (PDF, 672 KB) Guide to Selecting Powered Wheelchairs (PDF, 384 KB) How to transfer safely to the car (PDF, 172 KB) ILC Transportation of People Seated in Wheelchairs (PDF, 715 KB) Tips for Travelling with a Disability (PDF, 352 KB)

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Personal Care

Guide to Pressure Management and Care (PDF, 493 KB) Parenting with Assistive Technology (PDF, 309 KB) Continence Issues (PDF, 266 KB) How to Prevent Falls (PDF, 275 KB) How to transfer safely in the bathroom (PDF, 384 KB) Protect Your Joints (PDF, 380 KB) Work Simplification and Energy Conservation (PDF, 469 KB)

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Guide to Choosing Kitchen Aids (PDF, 354 KB) Choose Safer Electrical Appliances (PDF, 367 KB) Guide to Selecting a Chair (PDF, 273 KB) Guide to Selecting a Hoist (PDF, 419 KB) Guide to Selecting an Adjustable Bed (PDF, 386 KB) Guide to Selecting Sleep Supports (PDF, 371 KB)

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Building and Design

Checklist for an Accessible Home (PDF, 290 KB) Guide to Selecting Grab Rails (PDF, 406 KB) Guidelines to Assist When Selecting Accessible Housing (PDF, 511 KB)

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Technology and Communication

Personal Alarms (PDF, 397 KB) Guide to Selecting a Tablet (PDF, 318 KB) Selecting a phone for Independence and Safety (PDF, 362 KB) Guide to Selecting a Telephone (PDF, 378 KB) Guide to Selecting Literacy Supports (PDF, 415 KB)

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation (PDF, 873 KB)

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Second Hand Equipment

Buying Second Hand Equipment (PDF, 432 KB)

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Recreation and Vocational

Handy Hints for Gardeners (PDF, 291 KB) How to Adjust Your Work Chair (PDF, 364 KB)

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ILC Services

Videoconferencing (PDF, 384 KB)

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