Ex-Demo Communication Devices for Sale

With rapid change in communication device technology, ILC Tech has had a clean out and is interested in selling the following ex-demo devices onto schools or organisations who would like to add to their AAC resource library. Though these devices are no longer currently available on the market, they still have something to offer and it would be great to see them utilised. Anyone who is interested in purchasing these devices at very reasonable rates, is welcome to visit ILC to view them and trial before purchase.

Available devices include;

  • Springboard Lite
  • Dynawrite
  • Dynavox V Max
  • Dynavox Eye Max
  • Dynavox M3
  • Dynavox Maestro
  • Tobii C8

For more information on prices or to arrange to come and see these devices, please contact Pip Patterson, Therapy Assistant via technology@ilc.com.au or (08) 9381 0600.