Disability Equipment Grants

The Independent Living Centre WA (ILC) administers the Disability Equipment Grant (DEG) program. The DEG program assists West Australian individuals with permanent disabilities with equipment grants and subsidies.

Who we can Help (eligibility)

Grants are provided to West Australian individuals with permanent disabilities who meet eligibility criteria. The program is income-assessed and aims to help people who would not otherwise be able to afford the equipment or services.

How and where we can help

1. DEG Equipment Grants

Grants are avaiMature gentleman with ILC staff member being shown a remote for a lounge chairlable for a range of assistive technology / equipment.  Items considered for funding are regularly reviewed to ensure the program keeps pace with peoples’ changing needs and new developments in technology.

Assistive Technology for people with vision impairment

This grant is managed by VisAbility (formerly the Association for the Blind WA). Please contact them for more information. www.visability.com.au

Other assistive technology/equipment

Other assistive technology and equipment supported through the ILC Disability Equipment Grant includes:

  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Assistive Technology (AT) for people with a communication or physical impairment
  • Essential Independence Equipment

For more information contact the ILC Grants Team or refer to the guidelines and application forms below.  The application form is available in different formats.

PDF Version DEG Application form 2019 (PDF, 742 KB) Type-in Word Document DEG Application form 2019 type-in (DOCX, 251 KB) Print Version of Word Document DEG Application form 2019 (DOCX, 237 KB)

Air Conditioners for people with thermoregulatory dysfunction 

New Air Conditioner grant eligibility applied from December 2013. All applications must be submitted using one of the forms below. The same form is available in different formats.

DEG Airconditioning Application form (PDF, 495 KB)

Please use the Air Conditioner preferred suppliers list if you are applying directly to the ILC.

ILC Air Conditioner preferred suppliers (DOCX, 20 KB)

 2. DEG Subsidies

ILC-81The Independent Living Centre of WA (ILC) through the Disability Equipment Grants (DEG) manages subsidy programs for Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment & Driver Training.



The subsidy is income assessed and eligibility is as follows:

  • Holders of a current Centrelink Pension Concession Card (PCC) are eligible for the subsidy
  • People over 65 years need to hold a current Centrelink PCC to be eligible
  • All other income earners are assessed on gross annual income according to the details below
StatusLevel 1Level 2Level 3
SingleUp to $30,000Up to $60,000Over $60,000
Couple (combined) no childrenUp to $44,000Up to $85,000Over $85,000
Combined family with dependent childrenUp to $48,000Up to $95,000Over $95,000
  • Incomes within level 1 and 2 are eligible for the subsidy
  • Incomes over level 2 are not eligible for the subsidy

OT Driver Assessment Subsidy

A subsidy may be available for eligible people with disabilities who require an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment for:

  • Vehicle modifications
  • Fitness to drive

Driver Training Subsidy

The ILC through the Disability Equipment Grant (DEG) program provides subsidised driver training for eligible people with disabilities who require lessons in a modified vehicle and with a driving instructor experienced in rehabilitation.

First Time Drivers

Half (50%) subsidy is available (up to maximum of 25 lessons).

Acquired Disability (Previous licensed driving experience)

Full (100%) subsidy for first 4 lessons. Half (50%) subsidy for additional lessons if required (up to 15 lessons).

Contact Us

For further information or enquiries, contact a member of the grants team

Telephone: 1300 885 886
Fax: 08 9381 0611
E-mail:  ilcgrants@ilc.com.au