Consumer Directed Respite Care

If you are a carer for someone who is frail aged or has dementia, you may be eligible for one of our Consumer Directed Respite Care (CDRC) packages. The Respite and Carelink Centre has been given 16 Consumer Directed Respite Care (CDRC) packages by the National Respite for Carers Program (NRCP).Consumer Directed Respite Care

The CDRC packages have a strong focus on carer and consumer choice.  If you can help develop a respite care plan and have an interest in directing where your respite funds are spent, then the CDRC package may be a great option for you.  You will have flexibility and choice in deciding who, where, when and what respite care will be best for you and the person that you care for.

Our helpful coordinator is available for support including providing:

  • information on creative respite options
  • support in creating a respite plan
  • regular financial statements

So call us on 1800 052 222 to discuss eligibility around the CDRC package or for further information.