Child Car Restraints

ILC staff member with a child car restraint in a car with a small child with disability looking onSelecting a child car restraint (car seat) for a child with special needs can be challenging.

It can take time to find a product that meets the needs of the child and family, and then there is the prescription and approval process to navigate.

Paediatric therapists in Western Australia are becoming more familiar with the required processes; however the processes are still relatively new and can be challenging to navigate.

The ILC has identified these challenges and aims to make the processes easier for parents and therapists by developing the documents below.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information and advice or to hire a child car restraint.

Young child sitting in a car seat restraint with an ILC therapist stnaiing beside himWe have a range of compliant and special purpose child car restraints on display at ILC, as well as a range of new accessories and can assist therapists in obtaining approval from the Department of Transport for the purpose of hiring.

We can also act as a prescriber and complete the assessment, Advice to Parents Form and assist with obtaining approval from the Department of Transport. (This service attracts a fee)

Process for Hire of Child Car Restraints (PDF, 203 KB) Guide to Selecting Child Car Restraints for Children with a Disability or Medical Condition (PDF, 441 KB) Advice to parent / individual / carer form (PDF, 62 KB) Dept of Transport Exemption Application (PDF, 39 KB) Medical Certificate Template (PDF, 40 KB)


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