Celebrating Longevity, Celebrating Wellness

2013 Longevity Lunch organized by Chung Wah Community Aged CareAs Chinese people say, “Filial Piety comes the first amongst all virtues”, we all wish our parents good health and longevity. Chung Wah Community and Aged Care recognize this value and encourage the celebration of longevity among all community members.
On 6 February 2014 (the seventh day of Lunar New Year – “Common People’s Birthday”), we will once again hold the Longevity Luncheon to promote independence, choices and well being among the community. More than 300 community members are going to join the event and we are very delighted to see 36 of them are elders above 90 years old.
Working with seniors of different health conditions every day, we realize and understand that health is not only related to physical well being, but also related to mental and social well being. Being connected with the people they care and to the surrounding community is as important as being physically fit. When old folks are looked after physically, mentally and socially, they are more likely to enjoy an unprecedented quality of life.
Longevity Luncheon has therefore evolved to our wellness message for everyone:
Celebrating longevity is not only about spending more time with parents and elders to bring them more laughter, but also about supporting them to feel connected with their friends and communities, to feel belonged and confident to practice their cultural beliefs and traditions, as well as to participate in activities that they used to do, that they miss and would like to do again.
If you ever wondered about the secret to longevity, please join us to celebrate together, to promote independence and choices, and most importantly, to deliver this wellness message to the people you care and love.

*Note: To find out more about Longevity Luncheon, please contact Ms Jillian Pan, Media Coordinator at 9328 3988 or email to Jillian.Pan@chungwahcac.org.au