CAEP AAC Refurbishment Program

The CAEP AAC Refurbishment program administered by the Independent Living Centre WA is for the refurbishment and re-issuing of communication devices. These devices are for available longer term hire and for purchase.

To purchase a refurbished communication device

  1. Complete your AAC assessment and determine essential features for a suitable communication device for your client as per CAEP, NDIA or WA NDIS guidelines.
  2. See the below table of devices currently available for hire/ purchase through the CAEP Refurbishment Program. ILC CAEP AAC Refurbishment program can be contacted on 9381 0600 or
  3. Refurbished devices are available for longer term hire from ILC. This may suit clients who require a longer trial to learn to use a device before it is funded. Contact us if you would like for more information.
  4. Independent Living Centre does not provide ongoing support or warranty for devices purchased through the refurbishment program. Any warranty still remaining on the device from the supplier is carried forward. Any maintenance and repair following the sale of the device is the responsibility of the purchaser.

To return a communication device for refurbishment

Suitable CAEP and NDIS funded communication devices should be sent to the ILC for refurbishment and re-issue as per CAEP and NDIS policy and procedure below.

The CAEP AAC Refurbishment Program will accept communication devices which are:
  • Static, dynamic display or tablet communication equipment
  • Communication device mounting equipment
  • Communication device accessories
  • Current model communication devices available for retail purchase from a supplier
  • Devices one model superseded to the current model available for retail purchase
  • Device is no older than 3 years
  • Device is deemed to be in good physical condition
  • Device performance is deemed to be reliable
  • Device is able to be serviced and repaired by a supplier or ILC
The CAEP AAC Refurbishment Program will not accept communication devices which are:
  • Devices that do not meet the above criteria
  • Devices unable to be refurbished by a supplier or ILC
For communication devices that do not meet the above criteria the provider should:
  • Decommission the item from their records
  • Provider is responsible to discard the communication device
The provider is able to:
  • discard the device
  • recycle it within their organisation
  • donate the device

Please do not send equipment to ILC without consultation.

Refurbished Devices For Sale

Where possible communication devices will be returned to the supplier for refurbishment and testing. Refurbishment actions will be at recommendation from the supplier which may include: battery replacement, charger replacement, software updates and reconfiguration. Maintenance reports from the supplier will be available to purchaser.

Where it is not possible for a supplier to refurbish the device, for example static display devices and iPads, The Independent Living Centre WA will determine device reliability, suitability and reset to factory settings. If required batteries and chargers will be replaced. ILC will provide a summary of refurbishment actions to the purchaser.

SupertalkerSupertalker (purple)

Please email for pricing

Quantity available: x1

Manual, switch toy lead, 4 keyguards (1,2,4,8 cell)
spec switchSpec Switch

Please email for pricing

Quantity available: x1
3.5cm (1 3/8 inches) diameter activation surface
 aluminium tube mounts are designed to hold and position a communication device on a manual or powered wheelchairREHadapt Monty 3D mount

Please email for pricing

Quantity available: x1
Three tubes and three joints which can be adjusted via an Allen key or lever.
Window Surface with Tobii Eye Mobile and Monty 3D Mount

Please email for pricing

Quantity available: x1
Tobii Communicator

Tobii Dynavox Eye Mobile Mini

Please email for pricing

Quantity available: x1
Surface Pro not included

**Photos are as a guide only and are not the actual devices for sale, contact the ILC CAEP AAC Consultancy and Refurbishment team for further details.**

AAC Devices Available for Donation

On occasion the ILC CAEP AAC team offer devices which have been deemed unsuitable for sale as they are have been available for a number of years or are no longer able to be refurbished or supported by suppliers. If you are interested in accepting a donation device please contact us to see if we have anything available to offer you.

Contact Details

ILC CAEP AAC Refurbishment Team: Phone: (08) 9381 0600 Email:

 Contact Rocky Bay- Community Refurbished Equipment for information about other types of refurbished equipment