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Smart Drive MX2 – Wheelchair Power Conversion

Smart Drive MX2 wheelchair power conversion




A power assist device that can be attached to a manual wheelchair to provide additional propulsion. The single unit power pack is controlled via a wireless Bluetooth bracelet which is worn by the user. The battery is built in to the single unit making it compact to fit to rigid and folding manual wheelchairs. An attendant control button is available as an accessory.

 General comments from users:

  • Very helpful
  • Mine is very new so not quite used to it yet
  • The main issue is utility – they are best suited to indoor use on flat ground but are often sold for community access on challenging / uneven / sloping terrain. The new control mechanisms are better. Applying & removing the motor section is hard on the shoulders if attempting to do so while sitting in the wheelchair.
  • The SmartDrive is the best invention since sliced bread (at least in wheelchair land).
  • The bracket comes loose alot, sometimes the drive falls off. It is also hard to stop if you have poor hand function/reflexes.
  • I have the mx2 + from funding. Without the help from funding I don’t think I would be able to afford it on my own.

Top Tips from users:

  • Great option for manual wheelchair users who need some assistance with long distances but don’t want a full size power chair.
  • Consider an electric wheelchair if you use wheelchair taxis or vans, or power wheels instead if you can afford them. If you like mall shopping but get tired with propulsion this is a more affordable option
  • If you think SmartDrive is expensive. Realise this; of all the SmartDrives I have sold over the years whenever they needed a repair it has been covered under warranty! Even after the warranty had run out.
  • Tighten the bracket regularly
  • Install the app on your phone and check for software updates. Also try training mode until you get the hang of it.

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