Meet the Team

AT Chat is led by a team of people with disabilities who aim to make it simpler for people to find information about assistive technology (AT).

The team’s vision is to create a conversation amongst AT users about their experiences and knowledge about AT, whether it be equipment, aids or gadgets they use that allow them to have better independence and enable them to achieve the things that are important to them in their lives.

Head and shoulder image of Kristy standing outside smiling at the camera Kristy Harper: Project Lead
Kristy has extensive project management experience across the tertiary and not-for-profit sectors. She is passionate about projects that positively impact the community and we’re excited to have her expertise guide AT Chat through our next phase and beyond.

Head and sholder image of ZelZel Iscel: AT Chat Team Member
Zel has extensive experience in the disability sector. Her consultancy ‘Inclusive World’ draws on the expertise of a wide network of groups, organisations and professional affiliations. Zel’s expertise in inclusive and accessible communication platforms will ensure the project is suitable for all demographics. She is a strong communicator and advocate in the disability sector.

Neil using his video cameraNeil Berrick: AT Chat Videographer
Neil is AT Chat’s Videographer, Digital Content Creator and Media Advisor, who you will see running around behind the scenes with a camera in hand and a smile on his face.  Working in the video production industry for more than a decade, Neil has worked with a range of organisations in different sectors – from The Arts, to events and right through to politics.   Neil’s passionate about telling peoples stories that aren’t always represented in mainstream media.

Head and shoulder image of Gail standing outside and smiling at the cameraGail Stacey: AT Chat Program Support Officer
Gail has been with the wider organization of the Independent Living Centre WA for over 6 years and lucky for us, has come across to AT Chat. She brings a wealth of knowledge from working with people with disabilities from her home land of New Zealand.  In addition, Gail also has a lived experience of using assistive technology that assists with her vision impairment.

Kate Martinez: Service Designer (Occupational Therapist)
Kate is an occupational therapist with broad experience working in the disability sector in the community, schools, homes and workplaces. Her strong interest in communication and education lead her to post graduate studies in special education, literacy and assistive technology. Kate has a passion of working with people to reach their goals and live their fullest life.