Assistive technologies help Tayla to ‘Be Me’

Tayla standing beside her mum in her adjustable powered wheelchairAttending secondary college and living with her family in Perth, Tayla has a passion for drama and loves animals, horse riding and swimming. Tayla has Cerebral Palsy.

“I use a power wheelchair that adjusts so I can move into a standing position,” she said.

“This is great for me as I tire when using my walker for too long and it allows me to put weight on my legs and develop my muscles. I use my wheelchair in my drama performances and move myself in to the correct positions on stage.

“Being able to move independently and stand up has made me more confident and it means I can speak louder so the audience can hear me. I like that I can be at eye level when talking to my friends and I can reach the books I want at the library.

“Standing up means I am also able to cook in classes at school and in the kitchen at home as I can reach the bench,” said Tayla.

Tayla at her desk using her computer and wearing headphonesTayla also uses a special piece of gym equipment, a walker, dictation software on her laptop and wheelchair friendly desks at her school to assist her to keep fit and active, study and do the things she loves in life.

“My goal is to study at university in paediatrics or media.

“These assistive technologies have helped me be more independent and to continue what I love to do in life – Be Me!” said Tayla.