Are You A Carer?

New Services Coming for Carers in 2019

A carer is someone who provides care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, is frail aged or who has a mental or chronic illness.  Carers could be spouses, partners, family members, friends, neighbours or children of all ages and walks of life.  Carers may provide support for a few hours a week or all day, every day, depending on the level of support required; they could live with the person they care for or in their own home.

Often carers don’t consider themselves to be carers – they see themselves as simply family members or friends looking after a loved one. As such, they miss out on a range of support services available to them.

It is important that you access the right level of support as a carer, so give us a call
on 1800 052 222 to find out more about carer support services in your area and how we can help you in your caring role.