Speech Pathology

NDIS AT (Assistive Technology) Assessment for Communication (AAC)

ILC Speech Pathologist supporting a young girl with disability to use a iPadIf you are eligible for the WA NDIS or NDIS you can access ‘Specialist Therapy Services’ such as speech pathology to achieve your communication goals in your plan. Our experienced speech pathologists in Perth have specialist skills in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment, training and intervention.

We can provide AAC assessment and prescription; access to our equipment hire service so you can trial equipment prior to purchasing it; communication device set up, programming and troubleshooting; and follow up AAC intervention at home, school, work or in the community.

We are experienced in completing AT funding applications within the NDIS and have up to date knowledge of current innovations in mainstream and dedicated communication devices to assist with speech pathology, including PODD, AAC apps such as Proloquo2Go and Touch Chat, eye gaze and switch access devices, Liberator, Tobii and Dynavox devices, and other low tech communication supports.

Communication Aids (AAC) Assessment

ILC staff member working with a young man with a disabilityAugmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aids are available to support adults and children of all ages who have complex communication needs and require speech therapy in Perth and surrounding WA. This might include those who are non-verbal, those who have lost their ability to speak due to illness or injury, or those who have limited or difficult to understand speech who require alternative ways to get their message across. This package is designed for people with development or acquired communication difficulties.

Our speech pathologists can provide an assessment of your communication strengths and needs across different environments where your communication needs may differ. Together we will trial a range of communication aids and associated strategies to determine your most suitable communication system. This may involve a combination of different modes of communication as well as technology.

We will take care of the process to applying for funding for your communication aids and can provide ongoing speech therapy and support to develop communication competence.

Therapy Intervention for Communication Aid (AAC) Users

ILC OT with young man with disability looking at an ipad with his father seated beside himMany people who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) want to continue to develop their communication and language skills. We know that communication needs change over time and AAC technology requires updating with new vocabulary and features as you grow. Once your communication device arrives, one of our dedicated speech therapists in Perth will support you to set it up, program it for your preferences and provide training to you and your support people to ensure the technology is used to its full potential. Our speech pathologists have extensive experience with all communication aids and can support you to achieve your communication outcomes. Therapy can be conducted at home, nursing homes, schools, work, in the community or at any of our four centres located throughout Perth and surrounding WA.

Therapy & Technology Services in Schools – Communication (AAC) supporting students to find their voice

Two young boys, one older than the other seated side by side and using communication devicesAt ILC our speech pathologists and occupational therapists are able to assess, implement and support technology in your school to help students to participate, learn and communicate to the best of their ability. We will determine the most suitable communication and assistive technology options for your classrooms and students and ensure staff are skilled and confident to use the technology to assist with your speech pathology requirements.

Our team aims to understand your current priorities, resources and skills to build a tailored training and support package to meet your school’s needs. Our team can offer individual, classroom or whole school consultation and professional development in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to aid in your speech therapy progress, for example communication methods and devices for students with complex communication needs; assistive learning technology such as iPads and apps; and literacy support technology such as screen reading and word predication software and apps.

By combining our customised training and in classroom support, your school can be assured that professional learning will lead to improved student outcomes. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation in regards to your speech pathology requirements in Perth and surrounding WA.