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Why choose us?

At the Independent Living Centre WA, we understand that every individual is different, as is every piece of assistive equipment and technology.

Our allied health professionals have been helping individuals to achieve their goals with assistive equipment and technology for almost 40 years. This includes helping people to be more independent, better manage tasks at home,  communicate,  learn and be more active within their communities.

Our NDIS therapists in Perth provide individualised support for people with disability, their families and carers. Furthermore, our occupational therapists and speech pathologists are not only respected for their experience and knowledge, but also their skills working with the latest assistive equipment, technologies and communication aids. In addition to this, our display centres in Nedlands and Cockburn provide us with immediate access to thousands of items of equipment and technology.

With Independent Living Centre WA, you can be empowered to make the best assistive equipment and technology choices for you. Contact us today.

How can our allied health professionals help you?

If you’re looking for a NDIS supplier in Perth and would like to consider ILC, our allied health professionals can help. If you are eligible for the WA NDIS or NDIS you can access our allied health services to achieve your goals identified in your plan. Specifically, we can assist you with the following:

  • Support you with your planning and goal setting
  • Specialist assessment and prescription of products/services to meet your needs and goals including:
    • Products to assist with daily household tasks;
    • Products to support independence and safety in the home;
    • Technology for communication;
    • Technology for learning;
    • Technology for accessing the computer;
    • Technology and assistive equipment for recreation;
    • Resource development and procurement;
    • Home modifications;
    • Advice and support for developing a ‘Smart Home’;
    • Technology for controlling your environment; and
    • Personal mobility equipment.
  • Therapy and training to support you to use newly purchased products and services
  • Access to specialist therapy support to plan and learn to use you existing technology

NDIS Services for You

NDIS AT (Assistive Technology/Equipment) Assessment
You may or may not be aware, but as ILC are WA NDIS and NDIS suppliers in Perth, you can access our ‘Specialist and Targeted Therapy Services’ to assist you to achieve your goals. Our occupational therapists can undertake an assistive technology (AT) assessment at your preferred location; provide access to our hire service so you can trial equipment prior to purchasing it; prescribe equipment; and provide follow up training and support. We are experienced in completing AT funding applications within the NDIS and have up-to-date knowledge of current and emerging innovations in equipment and technology, from simple to complex aids, including smart home technology, vehicle modifications and home modifications.

NDIS AT (Assistive Technology) Assessment for Communication (AAC)
You can access ‘Specialist Therapy Services’ from one of our NDIS therapists in Perth to achieve your communication goals in your plan. Our experienced speech pathologists have specialist skills in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) assessment, training and intervention. We can provide AAC assessment and prescription; access to our hire service so you can trial equipment prior to purchasing it; communication device set up, programming and troubleshooting; and follow up AAC intervention at home, school, work or in the community. We have experience completing AT funding applications within the NDIS and have up-to-date knowledge of current innovations in mainstream and dedicated communication devices, including PODD, AAC apps such as Proloquo2Go and Touch Chat, eye gaze and switch access devices, Liberator, Tobii and Dynavox devices, and other low tech communication supports.

Make a referral

If you’re looking for a NDIS supplier in Perth and would like to consider ILC, you or your Planner/Coordinator can complete the referral form below. Once we receive your referral form, we will provide you with a quote for our services. By completing a referral form you are under no obligation to choose the ILC as your provider.

WA NDIS logo with the words WA NDISWA NDIS and NDIS Referral Form (PDF, 151 KB)

ILC in Busselton

In order to better service the people living in the Lower South West region of Western Australia, ILC have an established base in Busselton. For more information about our NDIS therapists and services offered in Busselton, please click here.

Watch our videos

Paul’s story – Getting the most out of life with assistive equipment

Paul’s story demonstrates how he gets the most out of life with the use of assistive equipment. Paul and his wife Paula live on a five acre property with three horses, three dogs and their daughter Brenna. Paul, a father, husband and retired Country Ambulance Services Manager, has paraplegia, a condition which restricts his ability to move his legs. Through the use of assistive equipment specifically prescribed for him, including a wheelchair and scooter, Paul is able to participate in life and his community the way he wants to.

Daniel’s story – How the right communication system for Daniel has changed his life

Daniel and his mum Joanne share with us how the right communication system for Daniel has changed his life. The video demonstrates how having the right assistive technology and communication aids, along with a good support team, can make a big difference to a person’s life.

Did you know?

Young man being shown how to use a pieve of assistive equipment in the kitchen by and OTA range of kitchen gadgets and appliances can make cooking and preparing drinks easier. You may have identified in your plan that you would like to be more involved in the preparation of meals and some of these products may support you to achieve this.

Jessica Rigden shwoing a consumer a iPadNew and mainstream smartphones, computers and tablets can help you to improve your communication, connect with others and feel safer in your home. Maybe you want to order your own meal at a restaurant or contact a relative using Skype?

Young man sitting at a cafe having a drink and using his iPadTechnology that assists with mobility can help you to get out and about more safely. Maybe you are catching a new bus or going to someplace new? There are gadgets that let you share your location with carers or family, so that everyone can put their mind at ease.

ILC staff member with young child looking at piece of assistive equipmentPerhaps you need help to read bills or an email from a friend?  Software and apps are available to assist with learning and literacy difficulties. Learn to read, improve your maths skills, write an email independently or get on Facebook to connect with friends and family.

Jason using his four wheel drive wheelchair and electric fishing rod at the beach at sunsetModified equipment and technology could make recreation or leisure activities possible. Would you like a customised bike or all terrain wheelchair so you can join your friends and family in outdoor activities?


Contact us to make a referral. Self referrals are welcome.

Aliison SeniorOur Service Coordinator, Alison Senior, welcomes all enquiries about our Community Allied Health service in Perth and other areas of WA om:

Tel: 08 9382 0200
Email: refer@ilc.com.au

Alison will be able to recommend the most suitable allied health services for your and will be able to discuss your funding eligibility.

View more information about the NDIS in WA here