ILC Staff

ILC OT measuring steps as part of a hme modification assessmentILC Occupational. Therapist with a young man in the ILC kitchen showing him how to use a piece of assistive equipmentImage of a ILC staff member helping a workshop attendee use an iPadILC Occupational Therapist with gentleman using an iPad

It is often said that organisations can only be as good as their staff. If this is true then it is hard to dispute that the ILC is fortunate to have an excellent team of dedicated staff members.

The ILC employs a mix of  skilled and competent staff across all areas and functions in the organisation. A diverse range of valued skills spanning administration and finance, an eclectic mix of health and other professionals drawn from occupational therapy, social work, physiotherapy, nursing, speech pathology, education and other health and age related professional groups allows for the advantage that diversity offers in the way we respond to and meet the demands of our customers.

ILC is committed to supporting staffs professional development through attendance to internal and external workshops and training.  Members of staff have a presence on committees throughout the health, disability and aging sectors. Read more here.