ILC History

The Independent Living Centre of WA was founded by Miss Freda Jacob in 1977 and officially opened by Lady Kyle in March 1978.  Initially the ILC was staffed and provided accommodation courtesy of the Paraplegic Quadriplegic Association (Paraquad) and Civilian Maimed and Limbless Association (CMLA) in premises located at 60 Havelock Street, West Perth.

By 1982 the Independent Living Centre had outgrown the location, space was limited and access concerns necessitated a move to Lemnos Street, Shenton Park. Funding from The Lotteries Commission and Society for Crippled Children (Rocky Bay) assisted with fitting out the building which became operational in October 1982 and was officially opened in 1983.

In December 1982 the Independent Living Centre was incorporated and developed a Management and Advisory Committee independent from Paraquad and CMLA.

Dates of note

In the forty odd years since its inception the ILC has continued to grow and expand the services available to the community. Some of our most notable achievements are:

  • 2020: ILC evolves into two separate organisations; Indigo and Independent Living Assessment
  • 2019 ‘The Niche’ building was renovated and the assistive technology display floor is completely rejuvenated, reopened in January.
  • 2018: ILC turns 40 years old
  • 2017: ILC’s Founder, Ms Freda Jacob AM, passed away
  • 2017: AT Chat Launched
  • 2016: HACC Allied Health Service Established
  • 2016: The ‘Equip Myself’ App and NED Update Launch
  • 2016: Noah’s Ark WA 40th Anniversary
  • 2015: Busselton base established to provide a better service for people living in the lower south west region of WA
  • 2015: Community Allied Health Services introduced
  • 2015: Opening of ILC Cockburn incorporating WA’s first integrated Smart Home Display Centre
  • 2015: Launch of Noah’s Ark Online Toy Library
  • 2014: Launch of ILC Training services
  • 2013: Welcomed Noah’s Ark WA as a new program area of the organisation
  • 2012: Launch of First National Equipment database and WA becomes lead agency
  • 2012: EFL grant shifts to a rolling grant for first year
  • 2011: Opening of second office at North site in Westminster
  • 2011: Streamlined process for CAEP Funded Communication Devices commences
  • 2011: ILC establishes a Regional Assessment Service in North metro
  • 2011: North metro Carelink centre becomes Access Point for HACC reform
  • 2010: Commencement of ILC Multicultural Aged Care Service (ILCMACS)
  • 2008: Addition of Mental Health Carer Respite funding to CRCC
  • 2008: Opening of the ILC Assistive technology satellite service in Rockingham. Closed in 2010.
  • 2007: Opening of Northsite to accommodate the growing Respite and Carelink Centre
  • 2005: First Equipment for living (EFL) Grant
  • 2005: Addition of North metro Carer Respite Centre
  • 2004: Administration of the Lotterywest Disability Equipment Grants
  • 2002: Move to “The Niche” on the QEII site
  • 2000: The beginning of North Metro Commonwealth Carelink Program
  • 1997: The commencement of Education and Training Services
  • 1995: The launch of the ILC lending library (ILC Hire) and the launch of Access and Design
  • 1990: The launch of ILC Technology
  • 1989: The launch of the Mobile Unit and Country Services
  • 1989: The computerisation of the Equipment Database (ROVER)