Welcome in the New Year

E-Newsletter Dear all, I am delighted to welcome in the New Year with a series of new ILC MACs initiatives.

Firstly welcome to the first edition of our new E-Newsletter. We hope that you find the format and content easy to follow. We have an option for you to download to print and welcome your feedback so we can continue to bring you a newsletter that is informative and easy to read.

You may have already noticed that the ILC website has been updated. You will find ILC MACS under the Services section. This section also provides useful links.

Access to our blog is on the ILC Homepage: The purpose of the blog is to generate discussion on issues we face in the sector including when working with people from a CaLD background. We invite you to participate and look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts. Please take a look.

ILC MACS has completed a new edition of the ILC MACS Handbook, please read on for further details of how to obtain one of highly requested informative resources.

Finally I am delighted to welcome Sharmistha Choudhary to our team. Sharmistha has moved from NSW and brings with her a depth of experience in working with CaLD individuals and their communities through community engagement and education across a variety of sectors including HACC.

Amar has been busy working with the team and partners to plan the events for the year and I look forward to seeing you at these events.

Best wishes for the New Year.