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Country Services caravan and trailer

Country Services Caravan and Off Road Trailer Display and Advisory Service

View and try products to help make living easier and have access to a database of 6000 other items. FREE expert advice available and printed information about where items can be obtained. NOTE:  WE DO NOT SELL ANY EQUIPMENT.

Equipment can range from something to assist a person with arthritis to open a jar to a cushion to absorb vehicle vibrations contributing to back pain and includes suitable mobility aids and computer access.

Talks to community groups

Groups such as Seniors, Probus, Rotary, Lions, Bowling Clubs, RSL, P&F, CWA and Carers’ support groups can contact us prior to the visit to arrange a talk on a range of topics, such as Living with Arthritis or Choosing a Scooter, or we can help you to use the service and understand what we can do for you. Contact us for further topics.

Individual Appointments

A time may be pre-booked with the therapist to discuss an individual’s needs or problems; this will ensure items are brought to meet these needs.


These may be formal presentations or informal updates on equipment.

If individual appointments are being booked it is helpful to have a videoconference prior to the visit to refine equipment choices. To find out more information please view the ILC Videoconferencing page.

Who we can help (eligibility)

There are no eligibility criteria in accessing ILC Country Services.


The information and advice provided by ILC Country Services is a free service provided to people with a disability, older people, their carers and service providers.

Fees may apply for workshops. To find out more please contact AES Team Enquiry Line.


Funding for this service area is supported by both the Disability Services Commission (DSC) and Home and Community Care Program (HACC). Sponsored visits are also possible.

If you would like AES Country Services to visit your town, please contact 9381 0600 and ask to speak to the AES Team or email help@ilc.com.au to request a visit


Person: AES Team Enquiry Line
Telephone: (08) 9381 0600
Skype: ilcwahelp
Fax: (08) 9381 0611
Toll Free: 1300 885 886 – Local call
Email: country@ilc.com.au