Trips to the Great Southern with Amanda

Amanda Hudson sitting in front of a brick wallWe have just finished a trip to the Great Southern which included a visit to The Harmony Festival in Katanning. I am planning to be in the area again to attend the Albany Show in November 2017 and will be visiting the surrounding areas

We are seeking expressions of interest from individuals or groups who would like to arrange a visit in this area, please call 1300 885 886 or email

With our 4-wheel-drive vehicle, trailer and caravan filled with equipment, we can offer a range of services:Amanda Hudson with Eric John Rose at Albany Show
Community Displays
Caravan / Trailer / Table displays with hundreds of products to make life easier. Professional advice from a therapist is available. Please note: no equipment is available for purchase from the displays

Talks to Community Groups
Such as senior’s groups, Lion’s Clubs, Bowling Clubs, Carer’s Groups, HACC groups

Training / Workshops for Health Professionals / Support Staff / Education Staff.
Formal presentations, informal updates or training on specific topics

Individual Appointments
A time may be pre-booked with the therapist to discuss an individual’s needs and to ensure suitable equipment is brought for them to view / trial