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This collection of over 30 help sheets, covering a diverse range of topics, has been broken down into the following sections; Mobility and Transport, Personal Care, Household, Building and Design, Technology and Communication, Smart Home Automation, Second Hand Equipment, Recreation and Vocational and ILC Services.

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Mobility and Transport

Selecting a Scooter and Scooter Safety (PDF, 697 KB) Guide to Selecting a Stroller or Buggy (PDF, 623 KB) Guide to Selecting a Walking Frame (PDF, 656 KB) Guide to Selecting Child Car Restraints for Children with a Disability or Medical Condition (PDF, 228 KB) Selecting a Manual Wheelchair (PDF, 672 KB) Guide to Selecting Powered Wheelchairs (PDF, 657 KB) How to transfer safely to the car (PDF, 693 KB) Transportation of People Seated in Wheelchairs (PDF, 500 KB) Tips for Travelling with a Disability (PDF, 347 KB)

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Personal Care

Work Simplification and Energy Conservation (PDF, 638 KB) Continence Issues (PDF, 632 KB) Parenting with Assistive Technology (PDF, 159 KB) Guide to Pressure Management and Care (PDF, 677 KB) How to Prevent Falls (PDF, 272 KB) How to transfer safely in the bathroom (PDF, 643 KB) Protect Your Joints (PDF, 338 KB)

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Choose Safer Electrical Appliances (PDF, 634 KB) Guide to Choosing Kitchen Aids (PDF, 314 KB) Guide to Selecting a Chair (PDF, 634 KB) Guide to Selecting a Hoist (PDF, 634 KB) Guide to Selecting an Adjustable Bed (PDF, 634 KB) Guide to Selecting Sleep Supports (PDF, 329 KB)

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Building and Design

Checklist for an Accessible Home (PDF, 683 KB) Guide to Selecting Grab Rails (PDF, 651 KB)

Guide to Selecting a Ramp Coming Soon

Guidelines to Assist When Selecting Accessible Housing (PDF, 653 KB)

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Technology and Communication

Selecting a Personal Alarm (PDF, 1 MB) Guide to Selecting a Tablet (PDF, 313 KB) Selecting a phone for Independence and Safety (PDF, 319 KB) Guide to Selecting a Telephone (PDF, 336 KB)

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation (PDF, 842 KB)

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Second Hand Equipment

ILC A4 Buying Second Hand Equipment (PDF, 432 KB)

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Recreation and Vocational

Handy Hints for Gardeners (PDF, 683 KB) How to Adjust Your Work Chair (PDF, 320 KB)

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ILC Services

Videoconferencing (PDF, 311 KB)

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