Ex Demonstration Devices for Sale

This equipment includes devices purchased through the  CAEP AAC Consultancy Program for use by ILC therapists for demonstration purposes or use in the ILC Hire library. For further information about these devices or purchasing contact ILC Tech:

Email: technology@ilc.com.au

Phone: 9381 0600

Tellus 4 Intelligaze
Tellus 4 Intelligaze
Eye-gaze controlled speech generating device fully integrated with internet and environment control in a Windows 7 tablet system.
TobiiDynavox C15 with CEye
TobiiDynavox C15
$6943.00Eye-gaze controlled speech generating device.
Novachat 5
Nova chat 5
Various accessories
This is not the latest 5.2 model

**Please note, pictures are for reference only. They are not pictures of the actual devices available**