Assistive Equipment Resources

Below is a range of resources to help individuals, carers and organisations with information on assistive equipment.

Help sheets

ILC has a collection of over 30 help sheets, covering a diverse range of topics from gardening and footwear to computers. The most commonly sought after topics include manual wheelchairs and scooters found in the Mobility and Transport section, or personal alarms and phones for safety found in the Technology and Communication section.

Other topics include; Personal Care, Household, Building and Design, Smart Home Automation, Recreation and Vocational, Second Hand Equipment and ILC Services.

Help sheets are available in the following languages; Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese. To view the Help Sheets in these languages click here

To view the whole collection of Help Sheets click here

 Other documents and resources

Access individual sections: Kitchen Advice, Housework Advice, Bathroom Advice, Laundry Advice, Outdoor Tasks Advice, Recreation Advice, Emergency and Memory Advice

  • Information and advice and personal stories told by Aboriginal carers on DVD “ We want to look after our own” (Contact the ILC for a copy)


  • A West Australian access guide for people with disability and seniors. Access WA Website

If you have resources that would be relevant to include on this website please contact or 08 9381 0600